Attention: Monroe Township dog and cat owners

Monroe Township Animal Control is requesting all residents to license their dogs and cats with the Township Clerk’s Office.  In accordance with Chapter 33 of the Monroe Township Code ALL cats and dogs must be licensed with the Township.  The purpose of this portion of the Code is to ensure our animal population does not pose a threat to the health and safety of our residents and that they are properly vaccinated against rabies.

*Animal Control is picking up too many dogs that have no license on.  If the dog accidentally gets off your property, Animal Control will be able to reunite your furry family member back home right away since they carry a list of all dog and cat owners.  When Animal Control comes across a dog/cat that has no license and they are unable to locate the owner of the dog/cat the animal must be transported to the animal shelter for safe keeping.

All RENEWAL forms for dogs and cats need to be sent to the Township Clerk’s Office.  If you do NOT have your renewal form(s) you can print out the PDF for the dog/cat license application from the Township Website.

*Please keep in mind that, for this year ONLY, since the Township was closed to the public due to the Covid-19 pandemic the Township has waived the $10.00 late fee.

*For residents that own dog(s) and cat(s) the license fee’s need to be paid separately for accountability purposes.