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Firearm Permits

Instructions For Firearms Purchaser I.D. Card and Permit to Purchase a Handgun Form

  1. Applicant must be a resident of Monroe Township, and be at least 18 years of age to obtain a firearms ID card, and 21 years of age to qualify for a pistol permit to purchase.
  2. Applications must be downloaded from the Monroe Twp Police web site, or click here to download them from the NJ State Police web site.
    The forms that are required are:
    Firearms application (sts-033)
    Mental Health form (S.P.66)
  3. Only Monroe Residents, who already have a valid Firearms ID card with Monroe Township, and are requesting a permit to purchase, need a completed firearms application (sts-033) , a Mental Health form (S.P.66) , and a Firearms I.D. Card and valid identification (NJ drivers license or passport, etc)
    Please note: If you have not purchased a pistol within 5 years or greater, you must apply as a new applicant.
  4. All applications must be filled out completely in ink, or typed on the downloaded form.
  5. Check the appropriate marked boxes. When a handgun permit is required, please indicate how many on the top of the form.
  6. Provide full name and address, including zip code and phone numbers of the references. P.O. Box addresses cannot be accepted. Do not use police personnel as a reference.
  7. Upon completion of these forms you must set up an appointment with a member of the Firearms Unit to have your application reviewed in person. Once reviewed you will be assigned a case number and when applicable you will receive additional information on how to set up an appointment to be fingerprinted through Sagem Morpho. Fingerprinting is no longer done at the Monroe Township Police Department.
    NOTE: MORPHO TRUST is now an outside agency contracted by the State of New Jersey to perform all fingerprint processing.
  8. Upon completion of your fingerprinting process at Morpho Trust, the approved applicants will be notified by telephone. Please allow 8 to 10 weeks for processing. You will be notified by Monroe Twp. Police when your application is complete and ready to be picked up at Police Headquarters.
  9. An additional fee of $2.00 for each handgun permit and $5.00 for an Identification card will be charged when picked up. Please have exact change.
  10. Applicants must sign the identification card and all the permits in the presence of the issuing Police Officer. If applicable, the applicant must surrender their old Firearms I.D. card.
  11. For further information, go to the NJ State Police web site at:

    For questions and appointments contact the Firearms Unit at 732-521-0222 ext: 121 or ext: 153.

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