Animal Control

To report a sick, vicious or dangerous animal call 732-521-0222. A Monroe Township Police Officer and/or a Monroe Township Animal Control Officer will respond.

Warning: Do not attempt to capture or contain a dangerous animal!

If your family pet has contact with an animal that acts unnaturally or if you suspect that it may be rabid, do not allow it near any family member and call Animal Control.

The Monroe Township Police Department urges residents to make sure that all of their pets have up to date rabies vaccination and that their pet is wearing their license/rabies tag. Domestic pets should not be allowed to run at large, and every effort should be made to keep your pet away from wild animals. Monroe Township requires that all dogs and cats have their rabies vaccination and are licensed. Click here for the Dog and Cat License Application.

Keep your pet on a leash! Monroe Township has an ordinance requiring a pet to be on a leash.

Pet owners are responsible for any waste left by their animals. Please clean up after your pet!



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