Municipal Court

Phone Numbers
(732)521-4020, 4021
Fax (732)521-2607

The Monroe Township Municipal Court shall exercise all of the functions, power, duties and jurisdictions conferred upon municipal courts by the provisions of N.J.R.S. 2A:8-1, as amended and supplemented, or any other law.

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Plea by Mail

Out of state residents have the option to plead by mail. An affidavit is available for defendants with traffic tickets who can not appear in person. Most traffic violations do allow this plea by mail. You must contact the court to verify this information and have an affidavit sent to you.

Failure to Appear Notice (FTA)

A failure to appear notice will be mailed to the defendant who missed a court date or the pay by date. A $10.00 fee will be assessed to each violation and a new pay by date will be set.

Warrants and Bail

A warrant for non payment will be issued if you fail to answer the FTA notice. A bench warrant for failure to appear in court can be issued by the Judge. Once a warrant is issued, bail can be posted at any police department in New Jersey, by mail or in person at the municipal court. In some cases a bail waiver can be signed to waive your right to a court appearance.

Community Dispute Resolution Program (Mediation)

A criminal complaint for a less serious violation, signed by a private citizen, can result in a court hearing. The Judge may advise the complainant and defendant to try and resolve the matter thru mediation. In such a case, a mediation session will be set up with 2 mediators, complainant and defendant. If successful, upon a mutual agreement, the complaint can be dismissed with a signed agreement between both parties. If an agreement is not reached, both parties will be scheduled for a trial in the Municipal Court with the Judge.

Municipal Court Judge
George Boyd

Court Administrator
Donna Linke
Phone: 732 521-4020 & 4021
Email: Donna Linke
Fax: (732) 521-2607

Deputy Court Administrator
Christine Campbell

Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday
8:30 a.m. -4:30 p.m.

Court Sessions
First 4 Tuesdays at 9:30 a.m.
Fourth Thursday at 3:00 p.m.
All other Thursdays 7:00 p.m.

Mailing address:
1 Municipal Plaza
Monroe Twp., NJ 08831
Driving directions:
1630 Perrineville Rd.
Monroe Twp., NJ 08831



Q. What do I need to do if I want to plead not guilty?

A. You must call the court. Please have your ticket number available.

Q. Does my violation carry motor vehicle points on my license?

A.The court does not assess points. You must contact the Motor Vehicle Commission in the state which you have a license.

Q. When is my payment due?

A. Your payment is due by the date at the bottom (where it says “court date”) unless
“Court appearance required” is checked off.

Q. How can I pay my ticket?

A. Payment can be made in person or,
by mail. The address is located on the top right of the summons or online here.

Q. How can I apply for a public defender?

A. You must contact the court to fill out a form and be approved by the Judge. A public defender may be approved if there is jail involved or a suspension of driver’s license. Please note, if you are approved there is a fee up to $200.00.

Q. Do I need an attorney?

A. The municipal court staff can not advise you whether or not an attorney is needed.

Contact the Court Administrator’s office regarding municipal court dates and the payment of court imposed fines.