Voluntary Security Camera Registry

The Monroe Township Police Department is committed to a continuing partnership with our community. In always striving to expand that partnership, the Monroe Township Police Department is initiating the Security Camera Registry. This voluntary program will encourage both residents and business owners within the Township to register their home or business surveillance systems, which will increase safety and the reduction of crime, continuing to keep our community safe.

During investigations, officers are often unaware of the various residences and businesses that have captured footage that is valuable to an investigation, which can lead to a successful and safe resolution.

Benefits of this program include, expediting the retrieval of video footage as well as allowing officers quicker resolutions and obtaining pertinent information. Moreover, it reduces time in canvassing areas attempting to locate surveillance systems.

If you are registered with this program and a crime occurs in your area, you may be contacted by a member of the Monroe Township Police Department. This request may include examining the time frame in question and the recordings your system has. This will be arranged at your convenience and assistance provided to you if needed to access recordings.

Again, this program is 100% voluntary and all information kept confidential. Moreover, only law enforcement will view any footage provided by you.

This program is an additional useful tool which offers residents and business owners the opportunity to partner with the Monroe Township Police Department to continue to keep our Township safe. Please note that this program does not give police the ability to tap into any home or business surveillance feeds.

How it Works

Registration – Please fill out the form below. It only takes a few minutes to complete.

Confirmation – Once you complete your registration, a member of the Monroe Township Police Department will contact you to confirm your registration.

If Assistance is Needed – You will only be contacted if a criminal incident takes place in the area of your security cameras. Police may request a copy of the video / images. Again, assistance downloading these can be provided.
This program continues the partnership with our residents and businesses to always keep Monroe Township safe.
Any questions regarding this program, please contact Det. Joseph Gentile at 732-521-0222 ext. 120 or by email at cameras@monroetwppolice.org.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Any video / images provided to the Monroe Township Police Department relating to criminal activity may be used as evidence.
  2. Footage provided is for Official Use Only by the Monroe Township Police Department or assisting agency.
  3. Under no circumstances shall registrants construe that they are acting as an agent of the Police Department.
  4. If necessary, the Monroe Township Police Department will contact you utilizing the information you provided.
  5. You agree not to release any provided video/images to media or other outlet.