Permit to Carry a Handgun Application Instructions


Step 1:

Review the NJSP ‘Permit to Carry a Handgun’ instruction sheet and ensure that all requirements are met: Click Here 

Step 2:

Complete the ‘Permit to Carry a Handgun’ application. Be advised, the application must be one page, front and back. This application needs to be completed in triplicate and all three (3) shall be notarized. If possible, please type or utilize the ‘PDF Form Filler’ feature when completing the application to ensure accuracy.  Click here for the Permit To Carry Application (SP642)

Use ORI NJ0121300 for Monroe Township Police, Middlesex County.

Step 3:

Complete the New Jersey Consent for Mental Health Records Search Form. Mental Health Records Search (SP066)

Step 4:

Once all required documents are completed and you have passed your qualifications, contact The Monroe Twp. Police Department Firearms Unit  (732-521-0222 ext. 153 or ext. 121 or ext. 141) to schedule an appointment. At that time, we will review your application and provide instructions for fingerprinting. All applicants are required to be fingerprinted for this application regardless if you have been fingerprinted in the past, or already possess a Firearms ID Card.


Additional information can be found on the New Jersey State Police website: NJSP Firearms


* Remember to ALWAYS Safely Store your Firearms*