Message From the Police Chief Michael J. Biennas – Preventing Vehicle Thefts

Message From the Police Chief Michael J. Biennas –

Preventing Vehicle Thefts

Following our community outreach on January 20th  (Click here for previous posting) many residents have concerns over the car burglaries and thefts that have occurred recently.  These crimes are not unique to our town but are happening throughout the entire State of New Jersey. The events taking place are crimes of opportunity and implementing simple steps, from locking the car and taking the key inside, lowering the garage door and locking doors to the house will help to prevent crime.  Generally, car thieves of today do not forcibly break into and hot wire cars to steal them.  Every car that has been stolen in town was left unlocked with the key or the key fob in the car.

We have increased patrols and will continue to do so. However, one of Monroe’s greatest assets is our strong relationship with the community. Right now, we are asking to draw on that support and to work together to stop these crimes by doing the following:


*Remove anything of value from your car, including the garage door opener. Lock the car and take your keys.  Keep doors locked.


*If you see something suspicious, please call the Monroe Police Department immediately. The non-emergency number is 732-521-0222. As always dial 911

if it is an emergency. 


*Residents with security cameras can register with the police department at  This helps the Monroe Township Police Department maintain a database of active cameras in the event that a crime occurs in the neighborhood.  


The Monroe Township Police Department is working with our neighboring towns and state law enforcement to bring these criminals to justice and to deter future crimes. Our detective bureau we will be holding a community safety information session with details to be posted on our website, and our social media outlets.


Please lock your cars to help us prevent these crimes.


LEAD clothing bin locations

The Monroe Township Police Department has partnered with LEAD (Law Enforcement Against Drugs) to bring clothing bins to our Township.  These bins give us money towards training our LEAD Instructors and money towards purchasing merchandise for our 6th grade LEAD students.  If you are able and willing please consider these clothing bins next time you donate your used clothing.  Monroe Township has three LEAD clothing bin locations;

Applegarth Elementary School

Mill Lake Elementary School

Monroe Township Middle School


Scammers are using fake phone numbers that come up on caller ID as “Monroe Twp NJ” to contact residents within Monroe Township. The callers are posing as a third-party energy company offering refunds.  At first look it appears that you are receiving a phone call from the Township of Monroe when in fact it is a scam.  Upon answering the phone, the call is answered by an automatic recording offering a 30% discount on your gas and electric bill.  If interested in this offer, the recording advises the resident to press “1”. Upon pressing “1”, the resident is then connected to a live person with a heavy accent. The individual then asks for your zip code and once provided; they congratulate you on your eligible for a 30% discount. They then request that you provide them with your PSEG, JCP&L or energy provider account number.